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Hello there

My Name is Ben Naylor MRICS. I am a CEO and Motivational Speaker

I run a National Corporate Enterprise that has several Brands. I use Mindfulness and Meditation techniques to get my mind under control and help cope with the stress and challenges that come with running several companies. I also give Motivational Speeches to show others how these techniques can help them improve.

Why Mindfulness and Meditation?

My journey has not been a 'Bed of Roses'. The highs and lows are extreme and the pressure has, in the past, led me to relieve stress, with a little too much Alcohol in the evenings. After a while, I realised that using alcohol for stress relief is counter productive. ln fact, it often made the stressful times 1000 times worse and led to symptoms of chronic stress and dangerously high blood pressure.
However, luckily I found Mindfulness, Breathing Techniques and Meditation. If I had not found these techniques I am sure I would be either dead, or sitting somewhere on a park bench,
with a bottle of whiskey throwing plastic bags at strangers. Therefore, I decided to become a Motivational Speaker and talk about Mindfulness and Meditation to help others.

I feel obligated to help others benefit from these practices.

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The reasons why Mindfulness and Meditation work can often be difficult to grasp.

I simplify the methods to make them easy to understand and practice. I use Motivational Speaking to show how Mindfulness and Meditation can be part of your day to improve focus, creativity and well-being.
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It has been found that Mindfulness and Meditation often releases creativity and improves focus.

This is great for you and/or your team and can help boost productivity.

Who would be interested?

With the money raised from this project, I am looking to help people with alcohol and drug problems, who perhaps can’t afford access to this kind of help.

We have worked with the Padley Center Homeless Charity in the past, who have done great work to support those in need in Derby.

I give Seminars and Presentations. I give motivational speeches and coaching to help you and your Staff cope with life and work challenges.

With the current economic climate, now has never been a better time to be in control of your mind and this can be done through Mindfulness and Meditation practice.

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