Personal Wellness

Take advantage of our personal wellness scheme! Do you struggle with your physical or mental health? Do you have a chronic illness that holds you back? Or do you need a hand to reach the next level of your potential?
Physical and mental wellbeing can be difficult to maintain when holding a full-time job or running a business. This means you might not be reaching your full potential. At Cassius Health, we offer a personal wellness scheme that aims to help get you on track, whatever your goal. Whether it’s mindfulness training, physical fitness coaching, or just someone to talk to, we have the solutions ready for you. Our scheme has been so successful for us, that we decided to share it with everyone – including you! Anyone can take advantage of this scheme; it does not matter if you are an individual seeking help, or if you are a business owner or a manager looking to improve your employees’ wellness.

Wellness App

To get started, download our wellness app. The wellness app is free to download and easy to navigate, making your wellbeing journey a breeze. Our app has a range of free tools to get you started, and an optional paid service when you are ready to take the next step. This paid service includes personalised coaching, where you will gain access to your own wellness coach. (H3) Free Relaxation Tools Start with our free relaxation tools, including meditation strategies, chilled music to help you meditate, and mindfulness techniques. These tools are easy to follow, and great to get you started. Relaxation techniques such as mindfulness and meditation are beneficial methods to improving your mental wellbeing. Use them to reduce stress, anxiety, and improve your overall mood.

Personal Coaching

If you want something more for your wellbeing, you can sign up to our paid coaching service. All our wellness coaches are highly trained professionals specialising in personal, professional, and employee wellness. We offer a plan that is unique to you, which will help you achieve your goals and set you on the right track.

Health Assessment

To get started, fill out our health assessment on the app. This gives you a good understanding of what you want from the service and helps our personal coaches learn more about you and your health.

Book Appointments

Once you have filled out the short health assessment, you can book appointments with your personal coach at times that suit you.

Chat with a Wellness Coach

A professional coach will chat with you via phone or video chat (depending on which you prefer). Your coach will:
If your coach feels it is necessary, they may recommend you seek professional medical help. This is particularly the case for serious physical ailments and symptoms, and mental health crises.

Periodic Check-ins

Your coach will arrange monthly check-ins to review your progress and amend your strategy if necessary.

Personalised Progress Data

Through the app, you can view your progress data in charts and graphs. This helps you see where you are in relation to your goals, what you are excelling at, and where you can improve.

Data Protection and GDPR

The data you enter in our app is stored safely and securely and is used to tailor our services to you. All data entered by you into the app will remain fully confidential. We do not sell or share any of our customers’ data to third parties. Our coaches are fully trained in confidentiality and GDPR.